Mentors Get You Connected

Once you join the Alliance, you or the designated representative from your organization, will be invited to be matched with a trained Mentor to provide background information and get you plugged into all the activities of Help & Hope for YOUth.  

The mentorship will last six months and will include a tutorial on accessing all the resources and activities available on our website.  The Mentor will continue to check in monthly over the six month period to support the new member.  Contact may be in-person, by phone, email or online depending on the preferences and schedules of the Mentor and new member.  The Mentorship program is a way to connect members one on one, to network within our organization and in the community and to further our efforts to improve youth mental health here in Arizona.


  • Attend quarterly Alliance meetings to learn and network with other members
  • Join a Task Force, attend meetings & participate in activities to further the mission of Help & Hope for YOUth
  • Refer other organizations and individuals for potential membership
  • Pursue potential donations and/or sponsorships from within their own organizations
  • Submit information on events, training, and news about their organizations that would be open to Alliance members for the monthly newsletter